Timeline Overview
Mar-2002 Establishment of Omni-Plus System Pte. Ltd.
Aug-2002 Opened a representative office in Shanghai (China)
Oct-2003 Established a sales office, Omni-Plus System Plastics Co., Ltd. in Bangkok (Thailand)
Oct-2004 Established OPS Technologies Sdn. Bhd. in Johor Bahru (Malaysia)
Oct-2005 Established Omni-Plus System Shanghai Ltd. in Shanghai (China) and expanded sales operations with the representative office in Shanghai (China)
Oct-2005 Opened a branch office in Shenzhen (China)
May-2007 Established IVC Paints & Coatings Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) as a joint venture with IVC USA
Nov-2009 Acquired 100% ownership of Nihon Pigment Sdn. Bhd., Johor Bahru (Malaysia) and opened a compound plant
Nov-2014 Established PT Omni Plus System in Jakarta (Indonesia)
Nov-2016 Acquired Cepco Trading Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) and entered into the medical field
Apr-2017 Established a sales office, Omni Plus System Philippines Inc., in Manila (Philippines)
Jun-2017 Announced a business alliance with ITOCHU Plastics Co., Ltd. and ITOCHU Plastics Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
ITOCHU Plastics Inc. acquired 3% of our company’s shares, and ITOCHU Plastics Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) acquired 7% of our company's shares.
Jul-2017 Acquired 100% ownership of DP Chemicals Pte. Ltd. and its wholly-owned subsidiary, DP Chemicals Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Aug-2017 Started joint research with A * STAR (Singapore Agency for Science and Technology Research)
Sep-2017 Established a joint venture, R & P TECHNOLOGIES PTE. LTD. with R & P (PTE.) LTD., a subsidiary of listed company on the main board of the Singapore Stock Exchange, Engro Corporation Ltd.
Feb-2018 Invested in SMALL WORLD ACCELERATOR PTE. LTD. who is a seed level investor in the areas of Novel Materials, Photonics & Related Technologies. (48% stake, equity method affiliate)
Mar-2018 Opened an engineering center adjacent to the Singapore headquarters
Apr-2018 Acquired I-FTZ Trade Philippines, Inc., business transfer from the Manila Branch of ITOCHU Corporation
Jan-2019 Obtained ISO 9001: 2015, the international standard for quality management systems
Mar-2019 ITOCHU Plastics Pte. Ltd., a group company of ITOCHU Corporation, underwrote all the new shares. (ITOCHU Plastics Pte. Ltd. is thus classified as another affiliated company).
Apr-2019 Established Omni-Plus System Japan, a subsidiary in Tokyo (Japan).
Apr-2019 Acquired 100% ownership of PT Sentosa Kimia, Indonesia's leading supplier of additives and specialty chemicals
Apr-2019 Acquired 100% ownership in Alpha Chemie Pte. Ltd., a company in Singapore that supply additives and specialty chemicals
Apr-2019 Acquired 100% ownership of Tags Polymer Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysian supplier of additives and specialty chemicals
Jun-2020 Established Omni Plus System (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Bangkok (Thailand) and expanded sales operations with the sales office in Thailand
May-2021 The Company name was changed to Omni-Plus System Limited (OMNI-PLUS SYSTEM LIMITED) due to the company becoming a public limited company.
Jun-2021 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market Mothers (Foreign Stock)
Apr-2022 Moved to the Growth Market under the new market classification of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Jul-2022 Acquired 100% ownership of KYOEI DENKI (S) PTE.LTD. in Singapore, which was owned by KYOEI DENKI (Japan), a subsidiary of ITOCHU PLASTICS (Japan).
Acquired ownership of PT Kyoei Denki Trading Indonesia which was owned by KYOEI DENKI (Japan).